'Digger'. . . Aussie for an Australian soldier and thought to have been used as a term with endeared pride during the Great War 1914-1918. It was certainly used to refer to the gallant Australians who fought with bravery and distinction in the North Africa Campaign during WW2, and fondly known as the 'Rats of Trobuk'. . . . Since both major Wars, the term 'Digger' has become somewhat more generalised and is often used as a substitute for 'Mate' but it is still very much revered and protected by the Returned Services League and other military bodies... and so it should be, too. Examples: "My dad was a digger in the last war" ... "The government sent our diggers up to East Timor to help stabilise their independence" ... "G' Day digger" ... "How's it goin' digger?" ... "When you comin' round for a beer, digger?" etc.

'Cobber' . . . Aussie for 'Mate' ... Friend ... Pal ... Buddy, but generally as a friendly term of endearment used only by male to male, and then only to or in reference about a close and respected friend. Examples: "How you goin' Cobber?" ... "Yeah, he's my best Cobber" ... "It's Ok Cobber, I got it, she'll be right!" 

'Sheila' . . . Aussie slang term for a woman ... girl ... lady.  Not often heard today like it once was, although it was never used intentionally to denigrate the fairer sex.  It is probably best left unsaid unless fully appreciated and not taken offensively by the other party. Examples: "Boy! She was a great lookin' sheila" ... "Hey! KB, Let's go down to the beach and see if we can find a coupla nice sheilas"

'Grouse' . . . Aussie slang term for Good ... Great ... Fantastic ... Extraordinary ... and used mainly today by certain youthful elements in Australia. Examples: "It was grouse Mate!!" ... "Mum cooked a grouse meal tonight" ... "Wow! What a grouse lookin' babe" 

'Dunny'. . . Aussie for toilet ... lavatory ... bathroom ... 'john'.  Was often meant in reference to an 'outside convenience' certainly in the older homes whether in the country areas or inner city of most, if not all Australian cities in past times. The term seldom if ever, used by women today, but often heard being used by men, generally the older brigade. Examples: "I'm goin' to the dunny, be back in a sec or two" ... "And don't spend an hour in the dunny, I need to go too!" ... "Take some newspaper with you, there's no paper in the dunny!" 

'QANTAS' . . . Aussie for a great airline ... stands for. . . 
Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd 
. . . A safe and proud Aussie domestic and international air carrier, using its red flying kangaroo livery, on the tail of each aircraft!  The first Qantas plane, an Avro 504K, was used by 'QANTAS' on November 2nd, 1922 for the first scheduled flight between Charleville and Cloncurry. It is believed the plane can be found today in a shed in Longreach, Queensland...

'Corker' . . . Aussie for pretty ... attractive ... 'snazzy' ... or pleasing ... nice ... agreeable. Often used in reference to a girl or woman, but also to other things as well. Examples: "She was a corker looking sheila, mate" ... "It was a corker day!" ...  "We had a corker time at the beach"

'Bobby Dazzler' . . . Similar to 'Corker' and 'Grouse' . . . Generally used in an excitable way though, showing how pleased or delighted the speaker is. Examples: "You little bobby dazzler, my horse just won and paid odds of 20/1!!" ... "Got a new car, sheeeza (she is) a real bobby dazzler Mate!"

'Tucker'. . . Aussie for food ...  a meal ... often a pre packed snack... Examples: "She cooks real good tucker, Mate!!" ... "Gotta go and get some tucker into me.... See you later!"  ... " I really enjoy my tucker"

'Bonkers' . . . Aussie for dopey ... silly ... mad ... insane... Examples: "I was going bonkers trying to work it out!" ... "You're bloody bonkers, Mate!" ... "If you kids don't stop your noise, you'll drive me bonkers!! 

'Skite' . . . Aussie for fibber ... bordering on liar ... someone who embellishes a story ... a tall story teller ... a minor 'bullshit artist' ... Examples: "You're a little skite Mary" ... "Don't believe her, she's only skiting" 

'Bib and Tucker' . . . Aussie for new clothes ... a good suit ... best or favourite outfit... Examples: "The baby threw up all over me and I had my best 'bib and tucker' on, too" ... "Meet me down the dance on Saturday night and I promise I'll put my best 'bib and tucker' on"

'Smasher' . . . Aussie for an attractive girl/woman ... good-looker ... 'Smashing' ... Similar to 'Corker' and 'Grouse' ... good ... great ... fantastic... Examples: "She was a real smasher" ... "Both sisters are smashers" ... " We had a smashing time"

'Noggin' . . . Aussie for either a shot of booze ... glass of beer / ale / lager ... or ... a person's head... Examples: "Why don't you drop in for a 'noggin' after work, Mate? " ... "Geeeeze, I didn't see it coming. It hit me fair 'n square on the noggin'!!"

'Shonky' . . . Aussie for not right ... below par ... not all it / he / she / they purport to be ... fraudulently mis-reported / presented / undertaken... Examples: "That politician (car salesperson / lawyer / official / etc.) is as 'shonky' as shit " ... "The whole thing was 'shonky' right from the start!!"

'Scorcher'. . . Aussie for an extremely hot day / period... Example: "It was a real 'scorcher' on Sunday. The temperature hit the ('ton') century (100F or 37.8C) "

'Troppo'. . . Aussie for going crazy ... mad ... unbalanced etc., usually associated with the extreme stresses brought about by living extended periods in the tropics... also aided / self induced by hitting the booze... Examples: "The poor bastard went 'troppo' on us after 18 months!!" ...  "Stay off the booze while you're up north Mate, else you'll go 'troppo' and won't be any good to anybody"

'Piker' . . . Aussie for someone who capitulates / gives in / 'turns it up' / 'tosses it in' etc.,  too easily, often as a result of a bet / wager / dare... Example: "You're a bloody 'piker' Mate" ..."Go on, give it a go and stop yer pikin' why don't ya?" 

'Monica' . . . Aussie for a person's signature or mark... Examples: "Put your 'monica' on here, pal" ... "These documents need your 'monica' on the bottom of each page, Boss!"

'Billy-Oh' . . . Aussie for mild way of telling someone where to go ... blazes ... 'buggery' ... hell... Example: "You can go to 'billy-oh', ya 'whacker' "

'Arvo' . . . Aussie for afternoon... Examples: "I'll see you this 'arvo', Jeff" ... "Drop in for a 'noggin' on Sund'y 'arvo' Mate"

'Wringer' . . . Aussie for being put under stress ... 'grilled', as in questioned at length by the cops ... derived from the old hand turned clothes washing 'wringers' attached to early model washing machines / tubs etc... Examples: "Boy! Did she put me through the 'wringer' when I got home at 2 am!" ... "I'll 'wring' it out for you, if you wait till it dries on the line" ... "I'll 'wring' your bloody neck if you do that again!!"

'Stone the crows' . . . Aussie exclamation for surprise ... bewilderment ... shock ... dis-belief etc... Example: "Well 'stone the bloody crows' cobber... I never expected to ever see that!"

'Howzat' . . . Aussie for simply 'How is that?'... often used in various sports, particularly cricket, where a player will appeal to an umpire for a favourable ruling on a catch, wicket, stumping etc... Example: "'Howzat ump?" ... meaning quite literally.. "How is that Umpire? Is it out?"

'Ridgy didge' . . . Aussie for the real thing ... the 'real Mc Coy' ... genuine article... truth ... 'Fair dinkum' opposite to 'Shonky' etc... Examples: "It's 'ridgy didge' Mate, I'd never kid ya!! ... "Don't worry, it was 'ridgy didge' Cobber, I checked it out myself" ... "He was 'ridgy didge' "

'Good onya' . . . Aussie for simply 'Good on you!' ... a genuine, but very  informal congratulatory remark ... recognition for something well done / luck received / rewarding effort etc... Example: "Good onya, Mate... You lucky bastard!!"

'Fair dinkum' . . . Aussie for the truth ... the real thing etc... as in 'ridgy didge' ... Examples: "'Fair dinkum', Mate... you never saw anything like it in your life!!" ... "She was  'fair bloody dinkum' all right!... she hit me with it as soon as I walked in the door!"

'Innings' . . . Aussie for recognition of a long life ... term in office / job / position ... time 'at the crease' as in batting at cricket ... etc... Examples: "He died at 86 so that wasn't a bad 'innings' "... "Well he's been Mayor for nearly 20 years, that's a pretty good 'innings'!!" ... "He batted (as in cricket) for nearly 3 hours and made 112 runs... What a fantastic innings'?"

'Bloke' . . . Aussie for another male ... guy ... fellow ( 'fella' )  ...'mate'... used generally in informal 'speak' like 'sheila' is in the feminine... A 'top bloke' is reference to a great or good chap / fella / fellow ... Examples: "This bloke and I took on the bunch of them....." ... "He's a top bloke my Boss... real 'top shelf'  Mate!" ( akin to the top shelf in a bar where the best booze is always kept / displayed ) 

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